4000 miles, 12 days, one car, no spare tire.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Trip Map

Only the places we slept:
2) Champaign, IL
3) Waterloo, IA
4) Wall, SD
5) Rapid City, SD
6) Cody, WY
7) Idaho Falls, ID
8) Zion, UT
9) Kanab, UT
10) Grand Canyon, AZ
11) Sedona, AZ
12) Las Vegas, NV
13) Chatsworth, CA


defconx said...

Congrats! And except for the vortex freaks, looks like you stayed clear of any aliens or abductions.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, Way cool trip! Been following each day. Congrats dude!

Steve with FM back at the Pentagon.
(we've been watching you via spy sattelite)