4000 miles, 12 days, one car, no spare tire.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

House on fire?!?

Wonder how close my house is to the fires? Here's a map.

Friday, September 23, 2005

And even the dryer can be used now.

Nice rack.

Sweet, the car fits.

This is as of Tuesday.

Sink, bathroom in master.

Master bedroom.

...has two sinks.

Spare bath.

View from Gym, turn right, master bedroom, turn left stairs down.

Will be the gym once I get the gym in here. It is at the top of the steps.

Spare bedroom.

Split floating stairs with window.

View of living room / patio #2

Patio #2

Patio #2 (with water feature)

Living room and patio #2

Office on left, stairs on right, living room ahead.

The crappy kitchen at least has a pantry.

Lime tree seen through screen.

Wet bar. Handsome guy in mirror.

Wet bar/Bath (Stand up shower)

Yes, that right.. the "kitchen" doesn't have a single appliance that matches. White/Beige/Dark Brown all exist.

Kitchen/Patio #1

Downstairs bathroom is behind the thermostat on wall, closet seen is the HVAC, thru opening is wet bar. That door has already been removed. Thru bar is the office.

View of dining area (on left) and kitchen (on right) from doorway of garage (rear of house). Sliding door on near right is the patio #1 with LIME TREE.

Almost enough room for a couple of cars...

Just after noon, the beast was free. Pod 3 was gone shortly after.

Pod 3 has the GYM and Josh knows it is going to be pain. Let's see... it took 4 guys to load it up and we only had 2 right now....

By 10am josh had the entire first pod empty (I was getting breakfast) and we were already working on the second pod. We got them both empty so when the 3rd came, he took away the first two.

Pods were actually early. He was waiting for us at 8:45am.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Trip Map

Only the places we slept:
2) Champaign, IL
3) Waterloo, IA
4) Wall, SD
5) Rapid City, SD
6) Cody, WY
7) Idaho Falls, ID
8) Zion, UT
9) Kanab, UT
10) Grand Canyon, AZ
11) Sedona, AZ
12) Las Vegas, NV
13) Chatsworth, CA

Done. Tomorrow I close and unpack my junk.

A little happy.

Total trip: 4520.3 miles. Yeah, kinda odd how my odometer is exactly 41,500.

4500 miles. 9/15 @ 6pm

Ahh, LA traffic.

Lunch is served... at 4:15pm

Welcome to CA! Gas is 3.60/gal

102 degrees, wins the highest award of the trip. (somewhere between Las Vegas and LA)

Welcome to California (2:18pm)



DAY 12 - Last day (9/15 @ 8:30am) View from our room at the Flamingo. Ryan lost $40, Josh made $52.50. Hey, we are at least net positive.

It is scary at night.

Hoover Dam

Nice sunset, but we are going to miss Hoover Dam in the sunlight.

Flip 4000 miles (9/14 @ 4:50pm)

Just 487 miles to go!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Josh was messing around.